Revolutionary Anti-Theft Backpack: RuitBag from Kickstarter

Feel insecure when you wear your rucksack around crowds and city streets? It is easy for anyone to access your belongings and you won’t even know it. RuitBag has designed this rucksack to help you feel confident that your possessions are safe.

Since 2008, major cities have become places where we live, sight-see, travel, and work. RuitBag manufacturers have made it their goal to create new rucksacks making it possible to move around crowds without having to take our rucksacks off our backs and holding them in the front of our bodies.

Riut means Revolution. And that is precisely what this rucksack is – revolutionary.

Dimensions and Capacity of the RuitBag

Introducing the RuitBag that is a 20-liter commuter bag. The bag holds a 15” laptop which is a boon for city workers. The size is perfect for a day trip or a weekend in the country. You can carry the RuitBag on airlines even though it is a bit wider than most bags.

It is a backward backpack, and there are no in-back zippers. Every opening is against your back. This gives you safe travel when you are in crowds.

Styles are 46 cm and 14 cm or 30 cm and 42 cm. The back panel of the bags holds a 15” laptop, a tablet and keeps your papers straight.

Many pockets are built into the bag. One works for your cell phone, wallet, and keys. Two water bottle holders sit within the profile of the RuitBag. These pockets also fit small umbrellas, coffee mugs or the newspaper you were just reading. If you are not using these pockets, you’ll have more space inside the bag.

RuitBag: Made With High-Quality Materials

When you are traveling, you don’t need to take off your rucksack. There is an invisible ticket pocket on the strap of your bag just perfect for train tickets. You also have a chest strap that can be adjusted if you need it to fit tighter.

The RuitBag is designed with foam line Cordura and Kevlar. The bag is very durable and is waterproof. The durability of these material makes the RuitBag long lasting.

Every single RuitBag has reinforced seams, and the material, zippers, and angles on the bag are revolutionary. These durable, long-lasting materials are what set this backpack apart from others.
The founder of RuitBag (pronounced riot), has worked with a prototype company. Design and production risks were addressed and the manufacturer chose expert in complex materials that go into rucksacks.

Each state of the manufacturing, delivery, and freight processes have been studied and filled with experts. Perfectionists in the rucksack business have been a part of this design from the beginning making this unique backpack a great addition to your commuting wardrobe.

Stay Organized With All These Compartments In the RuitBag

Pockets in the RuitBag are designed to store the essential items you need at your fingertips. If you need your house keys, put them in the smaller pocket of the rucksack. Keep your smartphone in the pocket and have quick access to it when you need. You can also keep your identity and passport in the pocket for immediate access. This will prevent you from having to hold it in your hand while you are traveling

Your RuitBag has the dimension that allows you to stow your bag at airport security. You won’t be asked to open your whole backpack since you can access your laptop from the zippered compartment. Just slip out your computer and quickly put it back in.

The top pocket on the RuitBag can be used for liquids. Keep fluids including liquid makeup, deodorant, or face wash close by instead of in the overhead bins. This makes airline travel much more pleasant when you can get to your needs quickly.

The Convenience of the RuitBag Makes it a Perfect Travel Companion

The straps are wonderfully useful when you are using the rucksack as a backpack. On the RuitBag you can adjust your straps to any length you want. When you are comfortable with the fit, put the rest of the straps away and secure them with the elastic. Now your bag is secure and convenient.

The RuitBag only comes in black or blue. The two colors are sophisticated, and the designer feels this keep the RuitBag high end.

A great note? The designer took her RuitBag on a 30-day trip and did not need to check in luggage. The fantastic room in the rucksack in 55x40x20 cm. This fits perfectly in the overhead bins.

Travel With Confidence With the RuitBag

The RuitBag is a marvelous backpack. If you are a world traveler, you will love its simple design. No one can access your backpack when you are wearing it since all the openings are against your back. Stand in line with confidence that no thieves will get your valuables!No more trying different ideas to keep your stuff safe. You don’t’ have to consider wearing your rucksack on the

No more trying different ideas to keep your stuff safe. You don’t’ have to consider wearing your rucksack on the front or using a lock to keep the zippers secure. All you do is put on the RuitBag and move with confidence.

Get rid of your suspicions, concerns, and worries when traveling.

Bonus: RuitBag Q&A

Is it waterproof or water resistant?

Yes! The bag is made from Cordura and Kevlar. This makes the rucksack waterproof which is much better than water resistant.

Can you use it as a carry-on bag? A personal item?

The RuitBag is made to fit under your seat on the plane as a personal item, or you can put it in the overhead bin. Rest assured that either way, the design of the bag will keep your valuables secure.

Can this be a good travel bag?

It is the perfect travel bag. The designer used her RuitBag on a 30-day trip and had no checked luggage. You might not be going for 30 days, but as a weekend bag, the RuitBag is remarkable.

What is the warranty for this bag?

All problems or issues will be dealt with on an individual basis. Customer issues are all unique, and we strive to work with you and find the right solution to your problem.

What is the price?

Drop boxes are on pages to show how much the RuitBag costs in alternative currencies. All prices are displayed in pounds sterling. Foreign exchange rates will determine the final price at the time of purchase. The prices do range from £89-£149 British pounds sterling.