New Lookout: The Versatile DayPac from Kickstarter

Are you looking for a comfortable, durable and all-around backpack to suit your carry needs? Search no more! The DayPac backpack is a multifaceted backpack that fits for different purposes. The bag has a classy and up-to-date design that makes it outstanding. It is designed to give you comfort when carrying regardless of where you are going.

The DayPac backpack has prominent features that guarantee a stellar performance. Well, in this article, I will give an in-depth analysis of its qualities for better comprehension. So relax and read on!

1. DayPac Independent compartments

The DayPac back has three compartments that are structured to ensure smooth organization of contents. The Exo-layer is the outside compartment that provides you with sufficient space to carry anything. This compartment is spacious and also expandable. It ensures organization of luggage without any exertions.

The Core-layer is the second compartment. This compartment has individual pockets that provide you space to carry some of the delicate stuff such as paperwork and medicine. This feature ensures that you can bring paperwork without fear of tampering or crumbling.

The Pro-layer is the internal compartment structured to carry your electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. The section can accommodate up to 15″ laptop size and 10″ tablet size. This compartment insulates electronic devices electronic devices from external variations such as vibrations.

2.Flexibility of the DayPac

The DayPac backpack can be opened in many angles. The bag opens from as narrow as 30 degrees to 180 degrees (lie-flat status). This feature makes it easy for packing your things. For instance, if you are packing a 15″ laptop and some apparels, you can open it to lay flat and quickly pack. This flexibility also ensures fast accessibility of the compartments.

3. Universal zipper

Often, we are annoyed by complicated zippers that hinder access to your backpack pockets. The DayPac backpack makes it easy for you. It has a universal zipper that lets you reach the inside at once. You don’t have to search for a single thing for minutes without getting it through this universal zipper.

4. Quick access pockets

These pockets display the versatility of the DayPac backpack. They are designed for most of the ordinary day to day situations. The card pocket lies on the strap of the bag. The card pocket ensures safe storage of your cards and easy access to use at any time.

For sunglasses enthusiasts, the bag has a sunglasses pouch to keep your sunglasses. Additionally, the sunglasses pouch has microfiber velvet that protects your sunglasses. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where to place your sunglasses.

If you have precious and vital stuff that you wish to hide, the DayPac backpack has a back pocket suited for you. You can keep your phone or Passport in this pocket where no one won’t notice. If you also need to access your tablet most of the time, you can use this pouch to keep it when not in use.

The DayPac has stealth quick access pockets on the sides that let you access your stuff quickly. The pockets are invisible to others.


We are living in a modern world where one needs to carry different items for different purposes. Be it for business, traveling, adventure walks, or for students, this is the perfect backpack for you. Considering the countless number of duds in the market, this is a bag to behold. It will surely work the magic for you.