How the AER Travel Backpack Does Things Differently

Thank goodness for Kickstarter. The public-benefit website has helped countless projects launch. Some for the sake of pure entertainment, some ridiculous, and some with more practical purposes. Recently I came across a Kickstarter project for a backpack that not only looks good but is specially designed for travelers in mind. Another win for Kickstarter, but a more significant win for us.

AER Travel: Quality Bags Made to Last

Too often backpack manufacturers ignore practicality for the sake of aesthetics. There is nothing worse than packing your backpack with the intention of carrying it on the airplane, only to find out it is too large at the last second. Or, equally frustrating: not having enough space, and you need to pack a larger bag. This Kickstarter project took these issues into account and designed a backpack specifically for travel.

Aer is a company that has had success in the past with practical and convenient bags. The Aer Duffel Bag was the perfect design for every day. The duffel bag focused on the combination of going to the gym, and office. With compartments that could hold all your essentials while protecting your valuables. The project was launched on Kickstarter and met with resounding success. Being awarded the 2016 ‘Gear of the Year’ award from Runner’s World. That success has now carried forward, giving Aer the ability to launch another fantastic bag.

The Aer Travel Pack is described as the ultimate carry-on backpack. One convenient pack that can hold all of your essentials safely and securely, while meeting the specific dimensions of carry-on baggage for airlines, internationally. The travel pack is designed with smart travelers in mind, promising the smoothest travel experience possible.

A Perfect Sized Backpack for Airline Travel

Aer had a focus on making airline travel as simple as possible. The travel pack is shaped and sized to fit perfectly into the maximum dimensions possible for carry-on baggage in domestic and international flights. Being able to carry-on your baggage assures the security and convenience of having your belongings with you at all times. This also cuts down on the wait times and crowds of the checked baggage area. Plus, no more lost or damaged items that the airline takes zero responsibility for.

What is best about this product is the simple packing. The biggest compartment is shaped like a flat-bottomed suitcase allowing for optimal packing. It also has a clamshell opening for full access to your belongings. No more emptying your backpack, or making a mess as you try to dig something out of the bottom. Meeting those airline specifications perfectly means that you get the maximum amount of packing space.

The packing space also offers a separately ventilated area. Allowing a sectioned off area for spare shoes or dirty laundry. This compartment is large enough to fit up to size 13 men’s shoes. The ventilation ensures that the rest of your belongings won’t pick up any of those unwanted odors. This is smart traveling at its best.

Do You Know What Quality Materials to Look For In a Backpack?

These bags are built to survive any travel conditions. Aer took into account that bags can receive a beating when traveling. This backpack has been designed for a lifetime of travel. The exterior of the bag is made from 1680D ballistic nylon fabric, which is some of the highest strength material available. Further, they add three coatings of polyurethane to keep the bag waterproof and protect your belongings. All the zippers are long lasting smooth YKK products, known for their quality. All the buckles are Duraflex plastic hardware built for strength and durability. When it came to structuring, Aer went all out in providing the best possible construction. From the core to all of the trimmings Aer travel packs are built to last.

Keep Your Things Organized With the Aer Travel Pack

Equally as important as size and durability are organization. This travel bag has all the nooks and crannies you could want. There is a quick access pocket for all of the things you could need during travel. It can comfortably fit your sunglasses, tablet, books and magazines, pens, chargers, camera, or any travel essential. It includes a separate bottle holder, for easy accessibility to your water bottle. The bottle holder also zips up, so it is not sticking out when not in use. There is another pocket designed for essential documents, perfect for keeping your tickets, wallet, and passport. At the bottom, there is another compartment that is great for quick access to cables, chargers, or travel snacks.

Fitted along the back is a padded laptop compartment. It is built to keep laptops up to 15.6” safe, but can hold as large as 17”. There are straps inside to keep your technology strapped down and held securely. It is conveniently placed for working on the go. It is also large enough to hold any textbooks or homework you need easy access to.

All the Space Without the Bulk

The amount of items you can fit is unbelievable. It is impressive when you see what the pack looks like when full. Instead of looking bulky and ready to burst, it seems sleek and durable. It is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t stand out. There are straps placed along the sides to hold all your items in place, and you can tighten them depending on how much you’re carrying. So, whether you are packing for a day trip or weekend trip, the bag always looks great. You can also find the bag available in both black and grey.

A Bag That Looks and Feels Good

As far as comfort goes, Aer nailed it once more. The back is padded and ventilated making for cool, and easy travel. All the straps are fully adjustable and fit any body types. It includes support straps and an internal frame sheet to fit any bulges and supports your back for extended travel. The bag itself is not- cumbersome, and lightweight at 3.9 pounds. The whole bag fits a volume of 33 liters comfortably to your back. It also features a side handle for use as a side bag.

Currently, you can purchase this bag on the Aer website for $220. Considering the costs of other less practical bags, this is well worth it. Aer also offers a lifetime warranty on all of those products. You can rest assured that you are getting what you paid for.

What’s not to love about the Aer travel pack? Aer has constructed a fantastic bag that takes into account all the needs of any traveler. The perfect combination of practicality, comfort, and style. Travel smart and get one of these brilliant packs as soon as you can.